A life changing festival


I wanted to meet more gay women and whilst the dating was going ok, I thought some work in the right environment would be a good distraction. Little did I know at the time how life changing it would be.

I applied to be one of the Stage Managers on the GOGO Festival (June 2011). The festival was for gay women. I  became friends with two of the other Stage Managers and we became a tight little team over the festival weekend. Supporting each other running the two stages and enjoying some beers at the end of each night was the perfect setting. I looked after the Cabaret tent and managed all the DJs, acoustic musicians and comedians over the festival.

I revelled being in an parallel universe where you were assumed gay unless told otherwise. It was amazing. I felt so free.  Even on a few occasions assumptions were made that I was gay. I loved it! I couldn’t stop smiling.

I was in my element and could totally be myself the whole time. The atmosphere was superb. Fans queued for hours for Heather Peace to sign their CDs, BETTY rocked out. The sun shone, we drank beer; we had fun.


On the second day during the afternoon comedy I would meet one of the comedians who some years later would become my wife. It was a life changing festival to say the least.

All I can say is thank goodness they changed the festival title from ‘Lez Go Camping’. Imagine having to say that everything single someone asks you where you met your wife!





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