In the beginning there was the end

IMG_0559This is a blog about change. From realisation to turning a corner and striding in another direction towards a new adventure. It’s about being the truest most authentic version of yourself. And being ok with it and hoping everyone else will be ok with it too.

To start at the beginning we first need to mention¬†the end. Or at least the end of the current chapter and the beginning of the new one. On Saturday I married the love of my life. Yes, it’s that ‘and dear reader I married her’ moment. That ‘skip to the end’ tale. She is everything I wanted her to be and she makes me be the best me.

This blog is about her being a woman and me being a woman too and how I went from a question in my own head one winter morning as I walked to the train station to standing in front of all my family and friends and declaring how much I love this woman and want to spend the rest of my life with her.

It’s about leaving my hetrosexual life (my ‘het’ life), hence the name ‘ex-het-ra’.

I want to share my stories and hope it may help gay women coming out (especially those late to the party like me). I’d love straight people to read it too. I want to fill the gap between the lesbian stereotype and the real us.

I want to share my journey into the gay world and I also want to start a conversation about what it’s like being a gay woman at the moment. How society, films, music, friends, colleagues treat us. Good, bad and ugly. I won’t change it for the world.

Dip in and out of the stories or read all of them, I hope you find it interesting, inspiring, funny (in parts), telling the story of the straight girl who realised there was a more authentic life to be lived.


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